Alt Berguedà
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Culture itineraries

Els voltants de Berga

Around Berga

Berga grows at the feet of Queralt range; the cultural, social and economic pulse of Berguedà county concentrates in the city. We offer you a trip around Berga to discover every corner and taste different products found in little shops. Amazed by the shop windows, don't forget to raise your eyes to gaze at the architectural whims on several Modernistic buildings at carrer major street. If your visit falls on Saturday, you will be able to stroll among the stalls of the weekly market...

Els voltants de Berga

Berga Surroundings

Surrounding Berga you can find some samples of outstanding Romanesque in the county, little villages with centuries of history and elements as significant as Pi de les Tres Branques or Queralt range. The visit, whatever the season, can be ended at the natural space of Rasos de Peguera, where you can enjoy all the colours of the nature, ranging from white of the snow in the winter to Alpine green in summer days.

El Camí dels Bons Homes

El camí dels Bons Homes

The Camí dels Bons Homes is a tourist route that follows in the footsteps of Catharism in Catalonia. The suggested route enables you to discover by car the towns where these so-called Good Men, or Cathars, lived.

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Lanscapes with a past

Bagà hides mysteries and legends of the Middle Ages; it also holds one of the entrances to Cadí Moixeró Natural Park. The city center and the arcaded square deserve a visit that culminates at the Medieval and Catharist Centre located at Palau dels Pinós. Nearby, at Guardiola de Berguedà, stand out the monastery and church of Sant Llorenç prop Bagà. The valleys of Pedraforca holds magic and witchcraft.

El romànic de l'Alt Berguedà

Llobregat river. Source of life and wealth

Undoubtly, one of the axes that articulate the county is Llobregat river. A good number of entrepreneurs forged the industrial textile past of the county at its side... But far from the noise of the looms and the smoke of the factory chimneys we discover a river surrounded by luxuriant nature. Its source is a burst of life; Gaudí, the genius architect, probably captured its charm few kilometres away projecting Artigas Gardens, a wet garden, unique in its kind.

La ruta Minera

Mining Route

Coal mines have carved deeply in the geographic and economic features, as well as the daily life of the inhabitants of Alt Berguedà county. Taking advantage of the closing of nearly all mines, a project has been developed to portrait this way of living, which is very strange. Cercs, Guardiola, Fígols, Vallcebre and Saldes are the villages that, with several facilities, will let us know the mining history: starting from coal formation until its extraction, marketing and energy production.

El romànic de l'Alt Berguedà

Romanesque in Alt Bergueda County

Romanesque is the dominant architectural style in Alt Berguedà county. We offer you a route to get near this magnificient heritage from the visit to preromanesque churchs, Romanesque and old monasteries. Buildings perfectly restored and ready to visit for the visitors where you will surely find a memory from this splendorous age when faith made reality the inconceivable. A legacy to the past preserved for the present.